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Branded email addresses [email protected]
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Why You Should Have a Business Email for Your Business

As a business owner, your email is important. It's how you communicate with clients and vendors. It may even be how you communicate with your employees.

  • Business/Office Related Email
  • Transcation Email
  • Form Submission Email
  • E-Commerce/Web Registration Email
  • Password Recovery Email
  • OTP Email

Business email is simply the email which you use specifically for your business. Normally, your business email address includes your company name within it such as [email protected] and your competitor will have their email address formatted in the same way.

Stop using free email addresses

When you have your own custom email addresses you also have full control over them. For instance, you can easily create new ones or remove inactive ones. When a new employee joins your company, you can easily set up one for him or her and create more custom addresses as you hire more staff.

Lastly, getting a custom email address for your business is important because it makes you and your business more memorable in your customers’ inbox. It helps to build a brand. Imagine your customers getting an email from [email protected] instead of [email protected] Which email do you think they are most likely to open and respond to?

With [email protected], they instantly remember you and your business and can decide quickly whether they want to engage with you or not. Today’s customers are always on the go and are usually pressed for time. Therefore, making the best impression whenever you send email communications to their inbox can really give your business a competitive advantage.

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